Return & Refund Policy


1. Order Cancellation

We cannot make any cancellations for any orders after your order has reached production. This is due to the nature of creating products that are created by our vendors once it has reached this step in the process. Our vendors typically begin production of your item within 24 hours of your order being submitted and we cannot guarantee that the manufacturer will see our request to cancel or change the address.


2. Address Change

We use a third party vendor for verifying your address. If you have an order with an order status that is stuck with an Address Issue and if you have not made any changes within 3 days from the order submission date, your order will be canceled. Please be sure to make any address changes within 3 days or before your order is sent to production.


3. Lost in Transit

Packages are considered lost in transit when the products in the order do not arrive at the shipping address provided within the maximum shipping/transit timeframes. A package is considered lost in transit if the shipping timeframe exceeds the maximum shipping/transit time frame.

Please note that there may be variances in ship dates and these times are subject to change. Click to Shipping policy to get more information

Note: All orders related to lost in transit need to be claimed within 60 days from the ordered date. In case it exceeds 60 days from the time of order, we reserve the right to refuse to settle a claim.


4. Replacement & Refund Policy

While we want every order to be perfect, mistakes can happen occasionally. We can offer replacement and refunds for your orders if there are order mistakes. If you are submitting a replacement or refund request, please include photo evidence of your product in your order. Depending on the circumstances of the mistake, the cost to cover the replacement or refund will be either from us or you. If an order is reshipped with upgraded shipping you will cover the cost of upgraded shipping.


Let's look at the scenarios when you can request a replacement/refund and who covers the cost.


4.1   Cases where we cover the Replacement cost or Refunding:

  • There is a manufacturing issue with your product.
  • The product in your order is broken or damaged during transit.
  • You receive the wrong product in your order.
  • The order is lost in transit, and the initial shipping address was correct.
  • The order is lost in transit, and the actual shipping time exceeds the general shipping time frame for orders.


If the goods delivered to you fall under one of the criteria noted above, please follow below steps to request return:

You must submit a request for a return within 7 business days after you receive your goods.

After 7 business days, no return will be accepted. Also, if goods are returned prior to submitting your request, those goods are forfeited.

The request can be made through our ticketing system, on our Contact us page, or by emailing us at [email protected]

You must submit evidence of damaged goods by sending us a clear picture of the item. The item should be placed on a flat surface, with visible tags and errors in the picture. We will use this information to help with your order reprocessing, as well as to eliminate errors in the produce process in the future.

Returns can be exchanged for the original purchased goods or refunded for the original purchase price.

Please note that customers are responsible for return shipping labels. We will send you return instructions separately by email.

Please note that inquiries are typically addressed within 72 hours. You must submit a support request within 7 business days after you receive your order tracking status or your goods. After the 7 business days have elapsed you acknowledge that your rights to solve the issue are forfeited.

It will take approximately 5-10 business days to process your refund.


4.2   When we do NOT cover the Replacement cost or Refund:

If you don't like the product according to our manufacturer's standards.

If you select the wrong size when ordering the product.

The order is still within the specified maximum production and shipping times for the products. Please see our Current Production & Shipping Time to see our general lead time.

If your order is lost due to an incorrect recipient address. Any request to change the address in case of resend will not be covered.

The tracking status for your order shows “Delivered” but you claimed that you have not received the package.

We do not assume responsibility for packages for which the courier company has made delivery attempts but was unable to successfully deliver.


4.3   Photo Requirements for Replacement and Refunds

We will cover what photo requirements are needed for a replacement/refund 

Before submitting a replacement or refund request, please be sure to read over our Replacement & Refund Policy to understand when we will cover your replacement/refund costs and when we don't cover the costs.

Do not reach out to our customer support team if your order is still within our Production & Shipping Time.

If you are submitting a replacement or refund request, please be sure to include photo evidence of your product in your order.

Any information provided that is inaccurate or untruthful and the use of bad images may result in the delay or rejection of a replacement.


a)  Our guide for apparel products

Please be sure to include the following photos for garments and apparel products when submitting a replacement or refund request.

A photo of the entire garment or apparel product with your design visible.

A photo of the damaged area or a neck label.

A photo measuring of product with tape measure. 

A photo of the shipping label.



b)  Our guide for other products

For all other products, please be sure to include the following photos when submitting a replacement or refund request.

A photo of the entire product

A photo of the damaged area 

A photo of the shipping label


d)  Our guide for receiving wrong items

When you receive a wrong item or wrong size of the item in your order, please be sure to include the following photos when submitting a reprint or refund request.

A photo of all of the delivered products in your order.

A photo of the shipping label 


Please follow this instruction to measure an item before taking a photo

Chest – Measured from the chest one inch below the armhole when laid flat.

Body length – Measured from the high point of the shoulder from the back.

Sleeve length – Measured from center back neck to shoulder point to finished sleeve hem.


e)  Acceptable product discrepancies and expectations

Please be aware that there are acceptable discrepancies that may occur for home decor products (specifically products that require sewing). In some cases, these products may be slightly smaller than expected, typically within an inch or two, which is acceptable.


Please note that for apparel products, most of our manufacturers will have a 2" discrepancy in their size chart. This is very much dependent on the manufacturer as most of our manufacturers determine their own threshold for tolerance when it comes to any sizing discrepancies.


5. Returns Policy

We do NOT accept returned orders. There are a couple of scenarios in which you may return an order.

We cannot issue refunds for any returned orders. We can only reship it (depending on our vendor) for a returned order.


6. Exchange Policy

We do NOT offer exchanges for products that are ordered. Due to each product is produced and sent from different warehouses so we can't control and have an stored exchange products in the same warehouse


7. Substitution Policy

Our substitution policy increases the overall order workflow to ensure your orders are fulfilled.

If your order has a product out of stock, we will automatically substitute like-for-like products on your behalf from our existing substitution list. We will only substitute products if the new product has a color/size match and if the new product is equal or of greater quality compared to the original product.

If we cannot find an adequate substitute where the color/size match is equal or of greater quality for an out-of-stock product, we will substitute it with a different product of the same color and size from the substitution list.

 Please note that:

If there are no substitution garments, the order will be canceled and refunded. You will be notified if this occurs.

This policy applies to mostly apparel products, but this also applies to non-apparel products as long as we can find a like-for-like product that matches.

There is no action required for customers to approve the substitution, our team will automatically authorize all substitutions for you.

If one of my customers received a substitution product and wants a refund/replacement, we do NOT offer refunds or replacements for substitution products as long as the new substituted products meet our color-match and quality criteria. We recommend that you let your customers know that underlying products received may have variance during periods of high order volume (holiday peak season).


8. Special requests (Bulk discount, Custom Packaging, ...)

8.1   Bulk Discount Policy

We do NOT provide bulk discounts for either product or shipping costs. We also do not offer wholesaling services for bulk orders being broken down for resale. If you place a bulk order, the order will be shipped out in a single box (if possible) or will be consolidated into multiple boxes depending on the size of the order.

8.2   Custom Packaging Request Policy

We do NOT provide custom inserts or packaging for products that are ordered. As your orders are packaged by our vendors and with the sheer volume of orders being processed by our vendors, we cannot cause disruptions in packaging.